Hello! I'm Wendy

I’m a CPA by trade but a creative at heart based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, and I'm passionate about working with creative entrepreneurs.

I've had 10 years of experience working at the top accounting and tax firms with some of the most amazing companies and clients in the Silicon Valley tech industry - from start-ups to publicly traded companies, serial entrepreneurs and founders to corporate execs of fortune 500 companies. I loved my career working in a high-paced environment and developed my passion for connecting with people by helping them on a personal financial level through taxes and accounting - but always longed to pursue something more creative.

After some serious soul searching, I started my own practice to be the go-to adviser for creative entrepreneurs - a community that I personally understand, relate to, and have always been so inspired by. TheTaxMuse serves as my creative outlet and is my way of showcasing tax and accounting in a way that is less dry and is useful and insightful.



my approach

Accounting shouldn't be a pain point in your business - it should be useful information that can empower you to make better business decisions. Taxes shouldn't give you stress or anxiety - it should be a cost that's managed throughout the year with no stress, no surprises. To get your business to that level, you need to have someone working alongside with you, identifying areas of concern and communicating options in real time so you can actually take advantage of opportunities before it's too late.

This is why I believe it's essential for every entrepreneur and business owner to have an adviser year round (not just at tax time) to support them on the financial side, handling the details and managing compliance requirements so that they can focus on letting their creativity flourish and get back to building their business.

Let me give you the accounting support you need so that you can spend your energy on making beautiful things for your customers, creating extraordinary experiences for your clients, and most importantly, enjoying the life you've worked so hard to build for yourself!